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Top Best Smoker Boxes:Buyers Guide, Recommendations and Reviews.

Best Smoker Box For Gas Grill :

Barbeques are one of the best ways to enjoy flavorful meat from the comfort of your own home. To ensure that your food tastes the absolute best, it would definitely be worth it to invest in a smoker box.

Filled with wood smoking chips, smoker boxes are small metal boxes that give your meat a smoky flavor. Ideally, smoker boxes burn the wood at around 550 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit which is when it releases the most flavorful smoke.

When this smoke infuses with the meat, it makes it taste heavenly. Additionally, a smoker box can help you make the most out of your gas grill by turning it into a fully functioning smoker.

Smoker boxes are an easy and affordable way to take your barbeque to the next level. The best smoker box adds both delicious flavor and aroma to your barbeque. The best part, you don’t have to do much.

Our Top Choices:

Cave Tool Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips

Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box

Weber 7576 Universal Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Kingsford 8 Inch Pellet Smoker Tube Triangle with Box

Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel V-Shape Smoker Box For Gas Grill Wood Chips

Cuisinart CSB-156 Wood Chip Smoker Box

Outset Q177, Wood Chip Smoking Box: Cast Iron

Product Reviews:

1.     Cave Tool Smoker Box for BBQ Grill Wood Chips

The Cave Tool Smoker Box is designed to be durable and sturdy in its built. Made of stainless steel, it boasts having 25% thicker steel that aids it in maintaining its shape. Furthermore, it claims to be the best smoker box because it is easy to use and has a wood capacity to rival its competitors.

With a grill grate on top, it can store an impressive amount of chips. This helps ensure that the meat gets the most flavor so it can taste the absolute best. Additionally, it comes with 25 barbeque recipes that offer you multiple ways of cooking your meat. That too step by step instructions and detailed video tutorials.



2.     Char-Broil Cast Iron Smoker Box

For the most flavorful barbeque, having the best smoker box is essential. The Char-broil Iron Smoker Box is one of those perfectly designed tools that is a must to have.Constructed using cast iron, the body and the lid are heavy-duty and are able to withstand high amounts of heat.

The lid features vents that allow the smoke to be directed towards the food which is essentially what helps it attain that yummy flavor. Furthermore, the design helps to prevent the wood from catching on fire which is a sign of a great smoker box.

The Char-Broil cast Iron smoker box is also simple to use and you can place it directly on your grill.



3.     Weber 7576 Universal Stainless Steel Smoker Box

To help infuse your meat with the most delicious smoky flavor, a smoker box is essential. The Weber 7576 claims to be the best smoker box among its competitors due to the many features it possesses. Constructed from durable steel, this box has a hinged lid which is easy to use.

It can even be used during the process of grilling if you need to add more smoking chips in. The design is universal and hence, this smoker box can be used in any grill to give the flavor an extra boost. The grates allow the smoke to drift up and evenly smoke all the food in your grill to perfection.



4.     Kingsford 8 Inch Pellet Smoker Tube Triangle with Box

With the Kingsford Pellet Smoker Tube, you can virtually turn any grill into a bbq smoker. Constructed out of high quality stainless steel, it is a delight to use. The tube itself is long-lasting, strong, and extremely durable. This makes it a strong contender for the best smoker box.

It allows you to ditch lighter fluid and still have the smoke effect by simply filling up the smoker and leaning it on the grill grates. Its triangular shape is a bonus since it fits in easily on almost every grill making it a universal smoker box.



5.     Charcoal Companion Stainless Steel V-Shape Smoker Box For Gas Grill Wood Chips

Designed to make your barbeques the tastiest ever, the Charcoal Companion Smoker Box gives its competitors a run for their money. It has a v-shaped exterior that is constructed out of stainless steel. This material is both sturdy and durable.

Hence, you can use it in extremely high temperatures without any worry. Added to its design is a hinged lid that enables you to add access to wood chips during the smoking process as well. All these features highlight it on the list of the best smoker box.



6.     Cuisinart CSB-156 Wood Chip Smoker Box

If you want to infuse your barbeque with a delicious smoky flavor, then a smoker box is a great addition to your bbq gear. If you want the best of the best smoker box then the Cuisinart Wood Chip Smoker Box might be the perfect one for you.

It has a compact shape that measures around 9 inches by 4 inches making it perfect for small portable grills. Furthermore, it features stainless steel construction. This makes it both sturdy and easy to maintain. Cuisinart Smoker box is perfect for use with a gas or charcoal grill. Hence making it extremely versatile and useful.



7.     Outset Q177, Wood Chip Smoking Box: Cast Iron

Finding the best smoker box can be a challenge that requires a whole lot of research but the Outset Wood Chip Smoking box provides the best qualities rolled into one. Made using durable cast iron, its construction is sound and durable.

This allows it to withstand high amounts of heat that come with being placed in a grill. Furthermore, the holes on the lid allow the smoke from the chips to escape evenly and infuse into the meat making it flavorful and aromatic. This enhances your experience and that too at such an affordable price.



Buying Guide

Key Features to keep in mind:

When buying a smoker box, there are a few things that you must make note of to ensure that you get the best Smoker Box there is. They are:

Built Material and Quality:

A smoker box is placed inside a grill where the temperature is high. Hence, the material of the smoker box must be thick and able to withstand high temperatures. The best smoker box will be one that does not warp or rust easily.

Size and Shape:

The size of the grill you have will greatly affect the shape and size of your smoker box. If you own a large grill, then the best smoker box for you will ideally hold a substantial amount of wood chips. Furthermore, smoke boxes are either v-shaped or have flat bottoms. The former is best for electric grills while the latter is preferred for charcoal and gas grills.

Fitting of the Lid:

Ideally, you want the lid to fit well however, it should not be extremely tight fitted that you cannot easily open it to replace or add wood chips. A hinged lid is a bonus which makes this task extremely easy.


Everyone has their own preferences but certain features make or break a device such as a smoker box. The list above features smoker boxes that have all the key features. It allows you to view the best options and buy the best smoker box that will suit your unique needs. This purchase will enable you to make the tastiest barbeques of your life that smell and taste fantastic.


1.     Are Smoker Boxes worth it ?

Ans. A smoker box is an inexpensive way to smoke your meat. They are completely worth the price because it adds rich flavors and aromas that alleviate the bbq experience.

2.     Where do you place a smoker box on a gas grill?

Ans. The ideal placement of a smoker box is near the heat source which are the burners. You should always turn the burner to its highest setting at first to get the smoker box to get hot enough to produce smoke

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